Idrocontatore MiDo

Idrocontatore Remote

The Idrocontatore Remote is a remote reading device to be associated with mechanical meter that lets you monitor consumption and detect leaks. .
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Idrocontatore Remoto
  • What's the Idrocontatore
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  • Benefits and Saving
  • Cloud Computing
  • The Idrocontatore Remote is a configurable remote reading device powered integrated with the meters connected to the water network, capable of transmitting data from remote water consumption through the GPRS network.

  • It is aimed at a domestic use as condominiums with collectors of counters and multi-utility, aqueducts, corporation, large users.

  • Savings on operating costs and consumption, billing on actual consumption and not presumed, timely recognition of losses and failures, simplified network monitoring, maintenance support to the compilation of the water balance.

  • The system is completed by Data Management Software provided in Cloud Computing customized for the needs of the customer.


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